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A world-class pastry chef, globe-trotting madman and verifiable fanatic for Asia’s sublime flavors, chef Jason Licker returns with Baking with Licker, his second cookbook of original Asian-inspired pastry recipes that redefines what is possible when familiar homespun desserts meet Asia’s most iconic ingredients. While Asian ingredients have gained worldwide popularity in home cooking, they remain far less likely to be used in home baking. Baking with Licker aims to change that narrative as Jason elevates time-honored desserts with the exquisite and exotic Asian flavors that influenced him most during his extensive travels.


Baking with Licker is the highly anticipated follow-up to 2016’s Lickerland: Asian-Accented Desserts by Jason Licker, which was nominated for a James Beard Award and named as the #2 Asian Cookbook in the World at the World Gourmand Cookbook Awards in 2017. Presented with Jason’s trademark charm, obnoxiousness and sarcastic self-deprecation, Baking with Licker is a unique tome on the market that opens up new possibilities for every home cook from beginner to pro. Starting with a foundation of classic, time-honored recipes, Jason demonstrates how using Asian ingredients can instantly elevate these familiar favorites into a game-changing art form.


While Baking with Licker continues to celebrate Jason’s masterful ability to balance mind-blowing Asian flavors with classic pastry (miso and butterscotch are an incredible combination), the spirit of this book lies in its versatility. Each dish begins with a simple, effective and classic base recipe then twists it with sublime Asian influence, but home bakers can decide how far they want to explore the rabbit hole. The intrepid can execute Jason’s exact creations down to the last detail, or even adapt other cultures into their work. But for beginners who crave a slice of familiar comfort, each dish is tailored with ready-made suggestions that will revert it back into its original form. The option to simplify makes Baking with Licker a cookbook that caters to the ability and adventurousness of any home baker. For beginners, Baking with Licker provides a grounded and easy-to-follow cookbook that will develop a solid pastry foundation. For experienced home bakers, the flavor combinations and techniques will expand their perceptions of what is possible in pastry.


Baking with Licker was produced entirely in an authentic domestic kitchen, ensuring home-calibrated accuracy for its readers while solidifying the approachable, back-to-basics appeal of the book. Award-winning photographer Jason Michael Lang, who was instrumental in the success of Lickerland, returns to put his spectacular touch on the book as its lead photographer and designer.


When you find something incredible that changes your life, it is natural to want to tell the world. Asia’s immense culinary tapestry has been transformative to Jason’s life and his professional identity. Through Baking with Licker, Jason wants to share this influence with home bakers across the world who might find the same inspiration that he did. Baking with Licker may be a love letter to Asia and full of offbeat ingredients and flavors, but its spirit is founded on the simplest of goals: to make home baking fun for any skill level and for any level of palate experience, while providing a platform for Asian ingredients to make their mark on the world of classic pastry.

Baking With Licker: Home Baking With Asian Accents

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